October 27, 2011

Pop Goes the Book Pick

After my adventure at Little Tokyo a few weeks ago, when I asked strangers for book recommendations, I realized my brain would explode should a stranger pose the same question to me. It happens sometimes at the library (the question, (…)

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October 26, 2011

Which Witch Wrote Which…

I listen to a bunch of podcasts about writing, and one topic that tends to come up on a fairly regular basis is that of pseudonyms, or pen names. Before I started paying attention to the world of publishing via (…)

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October 23, 2011

Hibachi Chicken?

So I did it. I talked to strangers. A few weeks ago, after being thwarted once by a gas leak that closed the restaurant, I finally went to Little Tokyo with David and Eva in tow and asked for book (…)

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October 22, 2011


So, after a pajama-lazy morning crunching candy bracelets and basking on the couch in the glow of television while we sketched tiny plastic animals with permanent marker, Eva and I jaunted over to Knoxville’s Happy Holler for an afternoon at (…)

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October 13, 2011

Yesterday = Calgon to the Tenth Power

We left for the beach at 8:38 a.m: 45 MPG in my parents hybrid. Nuff said. Alphabet Game! Yet another reason to adore Dairy Queen. Red and gold and orange through the mountains—in the sunlight just after a rain. I (…)

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