July 22, 2011

Oh, how I lust cover you.

Working as a library assistant is great for many reasons, one of which is the sheer volume of books that happen to fall beneath your glance on any given day. This blessing loses much of its, oh shall we say, blessedness, when a library assistant has assigned herself a challenge that keeps her from choosing which book she’s going to read on said “any given day.”

I’m not whining. Well, that’s a lie.

Anyway, I’m keeping a list of books that won’t leave me alone on my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads. Tonight, I started a separate shelf for books whose covers I lust after. My cover-lust has been happening on a more regular basis lately, and most of the covers I slobber over include either some sort of silhouette aspect (often yellow–have you noticed this trend?) or a certain woodcutty-ness. (Spellcheck doesn’t think that’s a word.) A few of them are also printed on the pearlized-looking paper. I applaud my grasp of technical book design terms.

I’m going to share picture-links of some of these books here, because that’s sort of like bringing them home, even though it’s really not. (Umm, I would never bring home a book I wasn’t intending to read and thus keep it from other library patrons just so I could stare at its cover. Never. Ever.)

The Summer of the BearThe Story of Beautiful GirlState of WonderThe Water SeekerThe Evolution of Calpurnia TateLittle Bee

So, let me know if you too love these covers and/or have read and loved (or not) these books.