July 3, 2011

For Spaceship Skies

Eva sings well and with heart, and she loves to perform her songs, as long as she knows the people she’s entertaining and as long as she knows her song well or can spontaneously create a song of her own choosing. To confront my mom’s wish for Eva to learn God Bless America for our 4th of July party, I half-heartedly attempted to teach Eva another patriotic song earlier this week, one I can stomach a bit better: America the Beautiful. Tonight, on the eve of Independence Day, I remembered my attempt and asked Eva if she remembered any of the song. She said, “You mean the one that goes…” and with her sweetest voice, sang the first line:

“Oh beautiful for spaceship skies…”

The whole (measly) effort was worth it just for that. I didn’t laugh. She’s touchy over being laughed at these days, and actually, she repeated the line a few moments later the correct way (“…for spacious skies”). Eva told me she doesn’t want to sing that song tomorrow. She wants to sing her garden song from school. I told her that would be nice. She doesn’t have to perform at all as far as I’m concerned, but she’ll probably request an audience anyway, even if my mom doesn’t ask.

I think she should try songwriting when she’s older, or at least dabble in lyrics. She re-wrote a line from Somewhere Over the Rainbow when she was two. She sang, “…where trouble smells like lemon drops,” instead of, “where trouble melts like lemon drops.” You have to admit her way rocks.

I get lyrics wrong all the time. I get them wrong; Eva gets them better. Don’t we all prefer our own take on lyrics sometimes, though? Isn’t it disappointing when you finally hear the right words and they leave you cold? Until I was well into my college years, I thought Prince was singing, “Laid in a red corvette.”

Baby, you’re much too fast.

Which lyrics have you gotten wrong or better?

One comment

Well, that is the highest compliment for the firmament from a girl who wants a spaceship for Christmas!
After she left the last time, I kept hearing “make new friends, but keep the old, some are silver and others gold” because she had sung it for about an hour while coloring.
Hope she will sing for us today.

by Margaret Rogers on July 4, 2011 at 8:53 am. #