October 23, 2011

Hibachi Chicken?

So I did it. I talked to strangers. A few weeks ago, after being thwarted once by a gas leak that closed the restaurant, I finally went to Little Tokyo with David and Eva in tow and asked for book recommendations for the fourth title in my Year of Reading at Your Mercy. (We also ordered supper.)

The hostess was my first victim. Her name was Renee. (I assume it still is.) She was so happy to be talking about books with me she couldn’t recommend just one. She said she and her sister had been going to the library a lot, and I had to confide that I did, in fact, work at the library. (I buffed my shoulders, too.) Her first choice was Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, which she feared I would frown upon for some reason. Then she added, “and anything by Victoria Holt.” I asked which of those two she most wanted me to read, but she couldn’t decide. She also couldn’t pick just one Victoria Holt.

Renee rose my hopes for the evening. I felt giddy. And then…

I asked our waiter. My first mistake was asking him directly after he pulled out his pen to record our orders. My second mistake was counting on him to understand quickly spoken, embarrassed English.

Me: “I’m collecting book recommendations from strangers. Do you have a book you’d like to recommend?”

Waiter: “Hibachi Chicken?”

Well, I DID want hibachi chicken.

Much later on, I garnered the courage to try again. I asked the man who kept refilling our waters and removing our plates. I know him, or at least, I’ve drunk from his pitcher before. I expected so much from this relationship, but he doesn’t read much. He blushed and laughed as he told me. He agreed to ask the sushi chef, but it turns out the sushi chef doesn’t read much either (or doesn’t have enough time between shifting sheets of seaweed to pause and reflect).

On our way out the door, the hostess ran over and asked me if we (the library, not my family) were hiring. I had to shake my head and cast my eyes to the curb, but as it turns out now, my dear friend Heather just left the branch to plan events of wonder and delight over at the mall. So I guess if I end up liking Renee’s pick, I might just have to pass on the news.

Later that night, David found the highest rated Victoria Holt title on Amazon (On the Night of the Seventh Moon), and we put it into a drawing with Interview with the Vampire. Holt won the drawing, and I was thrilled. The challenge is working. I’m reading stuff beyond the “me” trap. I’m in the middle of a dark and stormy romance set in the fearsomely foggy forests of Germany. I swear, the protagonist verbally swoons over a devilish but dashing ass, I mean baron, on almost every page.*

I’m annoyed but still grinning.

On the Night of the Seventh Moon Interview With the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1)

*I mean, screen. I bought this book on my Kindle. A moment after buying it, I remembered I can now check out library books on my Kindle. Yes. I work at the library. Buff, buff.

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Haha, what an adventure!! I love this too, except maybe the part about how I’ve left the library…

by Heather on October 23, 2011 at 6:01 pm. #