July 18, 2011

Round Three–Year of Reading at Your Mercy

I’m almost finished with Lamb, Karen’s pick for Round Two of my Year of Reading at Your Mercy, so it’s time for me to poll another group for what I’ll read next. David pulled a slip at random from Caterpillar, and it just so happens to be pictured below.

…Twitter! If you tweet and would like to suggest a title for my next read, go for it! My handle is @otherwendy. I have title- suggesting guidelines should you need them.  I’ll tweet my question officially in a few days, but you can respond before then if you want. Since the “group” I’m polling this time is Twitter, though, I’d like title suggestions to come in on my Twitter feed rather than in comments here. (I’m still pondering how to express my whole challenge in 140 characters or fewer.)