July 25, 2011

Sugar wings in my mouth… #PoetrySummer, Week 8

I’m a day late in posting again, but I promise, I said Joy Harjo’s Desire for David last night before the stroke of midnight. (Actually, there are no clocks that strike in our house, and I’m sad about that now.)

Harjo is one of three writers I studied for my honors thesis in college. The others were Maxine Hong Kingston and Audre Lorde. I wrote about the literary “Woman Warrior.” I have almost no memory of the brilliant points I made and defended.

The poem is short, which worked well for me last week, since I didn’t remember to start trying until Saturday and since we were out of town a lot. It is short, but effective, I think. I can’t shake the imagined sensation of having sugar wings in my mouth.

Say I chew desire and water is an explosion
of sugar wings in my mouth.

Say it tastes of you.

Say I could drown because you left
for the time it takes a blackbird to understand
a pine tree.

Say we enter the pine woods at dawn.

We never slept and the only opium we smoked
was what became of our mingled breath.

Say the stars have never learned
to say good-bye. (One is a jewel
of blue magic in your perfect ear.)

Say all of this is true and more

than there are blackbirds
in a heaven of blackbirds.

In one of the remaining four weeks, I plan to do Jabberwocky. The recitation will include a camera, Eva, and a handmade gock (goth sock puppet). I’m excited.