May 14, 2011

Work Done

Thursday, I addressed a letter to Steve Jobs for Our Mister at the library. (I anticipate referring to Our Mister again in this blog, so I feel I should go ahead and establish that I’ll never share his real name here. He is a library patron and has privacy rights.) Our Mister is mentally-challenged. He spends much of his time devising solutions to world problems (both governmental and commercial) and then writing to various officials to assign them tasks pertaining to those solutions. Writing is not easy for him, especially when it comes to fitting text onto an envelope, so Thursday, I addressed a letter to Steve Jobs for him. (I also used my reference-skills to find the address on Infinite Loop in Cupertino.) In the past weeks, I have addressed other envelopes to OPEC and to the FCC for him. (I used my super-address-finding reference powers those times as well.)*

It dawned on me (again) after Our Mister left Thursday evening, that I like my job. I like the books. I like re-organizing the books and labeling the books. (Sometimes, when I’m putting stickers and tape on the spines of the books, I wonder if Eva is also playing with stickers and tape at her preschool. Although, it being a Montessori school, they probably use paper and paste.) I like planning programs for teens, which I aim to do every other month or so and more often in the summer. (I’d say I like the teen programs themselves, but these days, they rarely garner enough teens in attendance to actually happen.)

I especially like putting books on display. We can display books on their actual shelves when we have enough room by turning them face forward. That’s pretty fun, but what I really like is using our display cube. The cube sits in the middle of the main thoroughfare between the lobby and the check-out desk. The cube is a three-tiered module we use for special theme displays. I’ve been taking it upon myself to change themes out lately. (I hope you don’t mind, my fellow branchies.) My last theme was Q-Books. Those are books so monstrously large they have to be separated out on taller shelves. Many people don’t even notice them. My current theme is Dewey Decimal 300 Books (Social Sciences). Many people also don’t know what a Dewey Decimal is.

Tuesday evening, a young man I’d just checked out (in the library way, not the other way–even though he was rather cute), walked by the cube, halted, picked up a book (I’d placed there!), and came back to check that book out. Score! I may be a nerd, but really, so what? Life is too short not to delight in what delights you. With these displays, I surreptitiously influence the reading choices of people all over my branch’s corner of Knoxville. (Insert evil laugh here.)

And…I get to save the world with Our Mister.

Work done.

* I wonder sometimes about how my fingerprints plaster these envelopes, especially the ones I’ve addressed to President Obama. Also, I should probably use my best handwriting when addressing the President, but I always rush the words onto the envelope so the transaction with Our Mister will end as quickly as possible. He’s a nice man with good intentions, but other patrons really just want to get their Janet Evanovich and head on home.