October 13, 2011

Yesterday = Calgon to the Tenth Power

We left for the beach at 8:38 a.m:

45 MPG in my parents hybrid. Nuff said.

Alphabet Game! Yet another reason to adore Dairy Queen.

Red and gold and orange through the mountains—in the sunlight just after a rain. I gasped. More than once.

Eva in the waves for the first time. All day she worried we’d force her into a shark-infested ocean, but once the tide touched her toes, she was fearless of her own accord—up to her ribs before I  could wade out in wet jeans and tug her back. She squealed. More than once. She hunkered down and shouted challenges. I think she’s in love.

New York pizza from a Lebanese man in South Carolina. He was gruff at first but then he smiled at Eva after she gobbled two whole slices. He had twinkly eyes and a thick accent. I heart America.

A view of the Ferris Wheel from our balcony. It changed color over and over all evening long.

A night on the balcony after Eva fell asleep. I drank wine beneath a newly waning moon and a glowing Jupiter. With dad’s binoculars (and a nudge from my iPhone), I could spot just a hint of one of the giant planet’s moons. A storm of clouds and lightening flashed pink and fire orange out across the water. If there was  thunder, I couldn’t hear it for the waves.

Today will bring seashells and a water slide and perhaps a Ferris Wheel. Eva she says she plans NOT to get saltwater in her eyes. At this point, I don’t really mind if I do.



I love this!! Have so much fun you can’t stand it!!

by Heather on October 13, 2011 at 3:13 pm. #

So glad you and Eva are having a good time! Can’t wait for her to tell me about her trip to the beach. She was so excited about getting to go.

by Margaret on October 13, 2011 at 8:14 pm. #