February 25, 2012

Family Genius

I’m finally on to the next book (round nine) in my Year of Reading at Your Mercy. This time, I got to ask my lovely family members (other than David and Eva, who are each their own separate groups), and they suggested the following reads:

Unmeasured strength
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
Genius of place

(My brother-in-law Ben is still pondering what he’d like to suggest. Maybe he’ll be ready when I get around to asking Facebook.)

After I gathered the picks, Eva did the deed for me. (David was Eventing Apart in Atlanta with his ilk.)

As you can see, I’m now reading my father-in-law’s pick, Genius of Place. Sam is a landscape architect, of whom Olmsted is already reminding me in some ways, so I expect we’ll have a lot to talk about when I’m done.