March 27, 2012

Photo Op

Let’s pretend it’s been a hard day at the library. Someone ladled chili con carne through the slot in the book drop. Someone else figured out how to change the screen saver on computer #7 to display “The End is Nigh” on repeat in Comic Sans. All the book carts have squeaky wheels.

What, you ask, could possibly lift my spirits as I push my bedraggled cart across the short-grain carpet in the stacks? Well, I can answer you.

James Lee Burke could do it. Or at least, his book jacket photos could. I’m sad to say I’ve never read the man, but he has one of those faces that just hugs me. He wears a kind of sly grin that says, “I know better, darlin’, and you might as well just grin a little too.” (I have no clue whether or not James Lee Burke would actually use the word darlin’.)

And there are other jacket photos that perk me up. There’s Tim Green. I probably don’t need to explain how this one works. (See below for hunka- hunka.) There’s Carl Hiassen. Doesn’t he have the best smile you can imagine? You hear breaking laughter if you merely glance at the back of one of his books as you’re wedging it into place on the shelf. (I always feel kind of bad, stuffing him in like that. But I do it anyway. It’s my job.)

I would be remiss to leave out Danielle Steel. Her jacket photos are full page glamour spreads, and while her wardrobe sometimes befuddles my “comfy shoes or don’t leave the house” mentality, I swear, she’s got moxie. Lord, I sometimes experience angst over a decision to don chin-length earrings with blue jeans. I’ve got to get over all that second guessing and just go for it. Go for the Steel. Or at least a fraction of it.

I’ve yet to read any of these authors, but they already make my world a happier place.

And that’s yet another reason why it’s fun to work at the library.