January 5, 2012

Round Seven-Year of Reading at Your Mercy

So now I’m on round seven of my Year of Reading at Your Mercy. Actually, I’m a bit over halfway done with it, which means I’m a bit over halfway done with my challenge. (Just pretend it’s November and not January, OK?)

This time, I was pleased to be able to ask my lovely book club ladies which book they’d like me to read. (They never get to tell me what to read otherwise, right?)

I received five titles for the drawing. Jamie chose The Tender Bar; Dawn West with the Night; Anna Leah Mama Day; Erin The Crocodile Bird; and Alicia The City and The City.  I finished read #6 while dining at Lenny’s and texted David to pick a number off my napkin.

So now, as you can see, I’m reading Anna Leah’s pick, Mama Day by Gloria Naylor. It is so different than anything else I’ve read on this challenge, although I suppose the same could be said about every other book I’ve read on this challenge. I’m loving it. The book. The challenge. It’s like the world is my book club. I prefer book clubs to oysters.

(And, I’ve already made it way past the first twelve pages.)

Three other recommnedations came in after I’d already started reading Mama Day, and I received one from my friend Emily, who picked the third read for my challenge (via Twitter) and therefore can’t pick another. I want to list their picks here though, because I love my book club ladies so much. Ellen recommended Case Histories and The Crimson Petal and the White (which I’ve been wanting to read ever since she talked about it at one of our first book clubs a hundred years ago). It deals with prostitutes as do all of Ellen’s favorite books. (Giant wink.) Fredda recommended Death Comes to Pemberly (the new Jane Austen P.D. James) and Melissa recommended The Big Crunch. And last but not least, Emily recommended Bloody Jack.

I forgot to mention it in early December when my book club read The Ponder Heart by Eudora Welty. It was SueAnn’s pick. I love that book, and I’m so grateful to SueAnn for delving me deeper into the world of Welty. I love how Welty captures voice so tunefully. Next, in early February, we’ll be reading The Children of Men by P.D. James, Erin’s first pick for the club. She’s hosting at my house. I think it’s entirely appropriate that since this book’s title includes the words “children” and “men,” Eva and David should do all the vacuuming and dusting. I’ll be reading after all.

The Tender BarWest with the NightMama DayThe Crocodile BirdThe City and the City
Case HistoriesThe Crimson Petal and the WhiteThe Big CrunchBloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's Boy (Bloody Jack, #1)

Goodreads doesn’t have an image for Death Comes to Pemberly at the moment, so I didn’t share one here.