May 24, 2012

This is the Champagne Bottle Popping

So this is just a quick post, an overdue squee really, serving to state, belatedly, that my Year of Reading at Your Mercy was a success. Can we have an exclamation point, please!

As of one week ago yesterday, on my 36th birthday, I had commenced reading the last two books for the challenge. I have since finished the fourteenth book. The fifteenth book, my very last, may take a week or so more, because it’s Eva’s pick, and I am reading it to her. (I’ve actually been reading it to her for a while, but I anticipate we’ll pick up speed now that it’s summer vacation.)

Anyway—as you can see, I’ve fallen way behind on the blogging bit, but I hope to post a lot over the next several days in an effort to be done with the whole shebang by the end of my birth month. (I completed the post for number nine earlier tonight. So there.)

And on Tuesday, I had a moment of squee at work, right before my lunch break, when I realized that for the first time in over a year, I was going to select a book to read.

In the wake of the squee, I cleared my brain and let it settle on a book from my elusive and foggy to-read list. (There was not time enough for a consultation with my Goodreads page, dear friends!) Then I ran (well, walked with a bounce in my step) to the catalog computers and looked up the author’s name, which I could no longer remember. The catalog not only told me her name, but it told me that the book was, indeed, in house. So I ran (ok, walked with another bounce in my step) to the fiction shelves and pulled out this little baby: Lady Lazarus by Michele Lang (which I’ve written about before).

And now I’m reading it.

(Yeah. I just threw in a head toss.)

Squee=bursting happiness accompanied by high-pitched vocals, uttered either physically or mentally (in a pinch). (I looked that up on the back of my eyelids.)