July 26, 2013

Bedtime Story

Last night Eva asked for a bedtime story about her being nineteen and having a boyfriend. So I told her one about when she goes to college to be a marine biologist and gets a job working as a student at Sea World. She likes a boy named Mike (her request) who trains the orcas, but she works with the sea lions, who, of course, must never mix with orcas. She and Mike wave at each other every day across the pools. At the end of the semester, Mike, who is older and out of college, gets transferred to a Sea World all the way across the country. Eva is distraught because she hasn’t told Mike she has a crush on him, so she dashes off and catches him before he goes through security at the airport, where she finally confesses her feelings. He writes down his addresses (both email and postal) so they can be pen pals.

Last week, she wanted stories about power rangers and fairies and perching at the tops of tall trees. Now we’re on to long distance relationships and airport chases. A month from now, we may be playing bingo and having nails done at Sunnyvale Assisted Living.

I think she’s growing up faster than I am.