November 6, 2013

Starry Bit #2: The Little Island

I didn’t read The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown as a child. I found it at the library as an adult, instead, and checked it our for Eva. It is such a simple book, but it is mysterious and strangely comforting, and my favorite part is below, the bit in which the curious and doubtful cat hears a secret he didn’t even know he’d been seeking.

“Answer me this or I’ll eat you up,” said the kitten. “How is an Island part of the land?”

“Come with me,” said the fish, “down into the dark secret places of the sea and I will show you.”

“I can’t swim,” said the cat. “Show me another way or I will eat you up.”

“Then you must take it on faith what I tell you,” said the fish.

“What’s that?” said the cat—”Faith.”

“To believe what I tell you about what you don’t know,” said the fish.

And the fish told the kitten how all land is one land under the sea.

The cat’s eyes were shining with the secret of it.

And because he loved secrets he believed.

And he let the fish go.