Guidelines-Year of Reading at Your Mercy

The wills:

I will read fiction, non-fiction, biography, and memoir. I will read children’s and young adult books. I will read genre. I’ll read graphic novels and comic books. Heck, if you’d rather suggest a collection of poems, a short-story, a play…that’s fine too. I’m using the term book loosely here.

The wont’s:

I will not read War and Peace or any other book whose extreme length alone would prohibit me from fulfilling the goal of reading fifteen books (plus my book club’s picks) this year.

I will not read a textbook.

I will not read a book meant for scholars of a certain discipline. However, books written by scholars or journalists to help lay people understand their subjects are fine.

I will not read religious texts or tract-like works. However, books written by religious scholars or thinkers for lay people about the topics of religion and spirituality are fine.

I will not read political books that serve to bash one party or the other or that serve to promote or demote a one-sided political ideal. (I’m just not going there.) However, books that examine political subjects and players in general are fine.

I will not read self-improvement/lifestyle-improvement books (chosen by people other than myself). Frankly, I’m too thin-skinned to take hints from other people about how I might become a sane or (even more astonishingly) beautiful person.

I will not read porn or erotica. After all, I’ll be blogging about the experience, and I’m way too prudish to share my thoughts about how Biff was such a novel lover. Blush.

I will not be a beta-reader for a writer’s work-in-progress. It pains me to say this, because I could use some beta-readers myself, but critiquing is just not what this challenge is about.

I will not (well, cannot) read books in any language other than English.

I will not read a book I’ve already read, unless it has been so long I don’t remember much, or unless I never finished it.

I will not read two or more books suggested by the same person. You may suggest a book more than once if you fit into more than one group, but once I’ve read a book a you’ve suggested, I will not read another during the course of the challenge.